Meet Brad Hudson. If you haven't yet heard of him, "Next New Heartbreak," his first solo release, is a solid first impression. A North Carolina native, Hudson is no newcomer. He has worked alongside veteran musicians, such as Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road and the great Dolly Parton, while currently a member of Sideline. As a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Hudson stands shoulder to shoulder with the best whether on guitar, bass or Dobro. "Next New Heartbreak" is a solid platform for Hudson to take command and showcase his many talents. 

Having self-produced, Hudson shaped a dynamic bluegrass experience. "Ramblers Song" and "Hugging The Hound," an instrumental, showcase hot picking and masterful instrumentation. Conversely, "Smoky Mountain Strong," a fantastic tune about the resilience of those affected by the Tennessee wildfires, as well as "My One and Only (Crystal's Song)" an instrumental tribute to his wife, show Hudson's heartfelt side. Even "Beulah Land" features a short sampling of Hudson singing with his Grandma Betty, to whom the album is dedicated. "Next New Heartbreak" is a work of passion. 

Many times, the key to a standout-recording project is having talented friends to help out and throw in their two cents, leaving "Next New Heartbreak" with pennies rolling around everywhere. Steve Dilling's banjo, Skip Cherryholmes' guitar, Ron Stewart's fiddle and even Parton's voice, gladly contributed pocket change to the cause. Having a hand in nearly every aspect in it's creation, whether in writing, singing or playing, "Next New Heartbreak" is clearly Hudson's own. 

With such natural talent and versatility, a strong musical background and willing friends, Hudson's recording is an enjoyable, and memorable solo debut.


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Pinecastle Records 
PRC 1212 

Brad Hudson’s Next New Heartbreak is his first solo release, and the results here would indicate that this debut is not any too soon. Hudson sings lead and harmony on all but one vocal cut and plays resonator guitar, and he does an excellent job on both. His lead vocals are the highpoint of this very fine CD, one which features an impressive lineup with Steve Dilling on banjo and harmony vocals, Skip Cherryholmes on guitar and harmony vocals, Jason Moore on upright bass, and Aaron Ramsey on mandolin and guitar. 

Hudson’s singing is powerful yet smooth, with the kind of compelling expressive quality one would hear in Russell Moore or the late James King. Whether it’s Daniel Salyer’s barn-burning “Rambler’s Song” featuring guest Ron Stewart on banjo and fiddle, Loretta Lynn’s soulful “World Of Forgotten People,” or singing to Dolly Parton’s stirring harmony on her fine “Appalachian Memories,” it seems Brad Hudson can do it all. Simply put, this is the best “new” voice I’ve heard in bluegrass for quite some time. 

There is a nice selection of material with plenty of variety. (Though one could argue that as good as the vocals and instrumental work are here, almost anything would sound good.) Additional cuts include two from Clyde Mattock, the instrumental “Hugging The Hound” and “I Wonder What You See In Your Dreams.” Jeff and Sheri Easter contribute vocals on “Beulah Land” (although the lead sounds a lot like Hudson). And Hudson does a very nice job on “Smoky Mountain Strong,” co-written with Mark Brinkman in honor of those who fought the fires in Sevier County, Tenn., in 2016. Tom Paxton’s “I Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound” gets an excellent bluegrass treatment, and the title-cut is a great new “broken heart” tune in a genre that can’t seem to ever get enough. 

The support for the vocals is uniformly excellent throughout. Harmonies by Dilling and Cherryholmes are topnotch. The instrumental work is first-rate and, in particular, Hudson’s resonator guitar work is very tasteful, reminiscent of Mike Auldridge and Jerry Douglas. Besides having a voice that will be the envy of everyone within earshot, Hudson appears to have an acute sense of how this music should fit together that would seem to take decades of experience to develop. And though they are not credited, whoever did the mix and master (Skip Cherryholmes engineered) did an exceptional job—the sound is perfectly balanced and clear throughout. 

This is an excellent release. Fine songs, great instrumental work and harmonies, and lead vocals that are unsurpassed. Highly recommended. (Pinecastle Records, 2514 River Rd., Ste. 105, Piedmont, SC 29673,

Brads Blog

North Carolina State Fair!!!! 

Brad and gang is super excited to be performing at the NC State Fair on Friday Oct. 19th. This is a great honor..

Whats even a bigger honor is Brad was asked to perform our National Anthem that morning to start off the day at the NC State Fair.. Wow he is super excited to do this. Make sure to make plans to attend this year.. 


Nothing Could Be Finer than to be Apart of this great event..



Excited about CANADA!!! 

We are excited to be headed to New Richmond Bluegrass Festival at the end of August.. it gonna be a great time had by all. We look forward to be with our friends there and fans. Most of all making new ones... See ya there

Excited about the Summer Shows 

We are excited about the summer and all the great festivals we are working  looking forward to seeing you all real soon on the Bluegrass Trail. We also have some big news coming soon so keep checking back.



Gearing Up For our first weekend out!! 

Brad and the guys are excited to be getting ready for next weekend in Sevierville, TN @ Blooming BBQ and Bluegrass. Also looking forward to being at Robs Bluegrass Barn in Westminster MD ..  A fun time will be had for sure . if your close by come be with them..

Excited about 2018 !! 

Brad and the guys are getting all geared up for 2018. Rehearsing and getting music together for this year is gonna be a blast. Be sure to check out our tour dates and come see a show near you..


On the verge of an exciting year with a brand new solo album release with Pinecastle Records burning up the bluegrass airwaves, Brad Hudson looks forward to many firsts in his career. 

This month he will be visiting the Bonfire Recording Studio, the home of Pinecastle Records, in South Carolina to film some video to assist in promotion of the new record, "Next New Heartbreak",as well as hold auditions at the studio to fill remaining slots in his band for 2018. 

Brad has been pleasantly surprised at the…

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We’re excited to announce that Brad Hudson will be following his heart and pursuing a lifelong dream in the coming year. Bluegrass after all, is built on dreams and our love of music, our family and our Faith. All things that Brad is very strong in. 

With the current release of Brad’s solo project, “Next New Heartbreak” on Pinecastle Records, doing well and some down time to weigh options, Brad doesn’t take the decision to leave Sideline bluegrass band lightly. He has seen success with many musical…

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Brad Hudson’s Next New Heartbreak coming November 3 

Posted on October 19, 2017 By John Lawless

Pinecastle Records has announced November 3 as the release for Next New Heartbreak, their debut project with singer and multi-instrumentalist Brad Hudson. 

The North Carolina native is currently working as reso man with Sideline and, over the years, his career has found him working bluegrass, Gospel, and country gigs. Still a young man, Brad has toured with Jeff & Sheri Easter, The Larkins, Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road, and both Dolly and Randy Parton. He…

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With a rich history in bluegrass and country music, it's no surprise that Brad Hudson is about to release a brand new solo project with Pinecastle Records, backed by some industry greats and featuring the incredible Dolly Parton on a track that she wrote. NEXT NEW HEARTBREAK releases November 3rd. 

Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, Brad began singing and playing music at the early age of just three years old. He began learning on guitar and later graduated to Dobro and banjo. Brad's love for…

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Brad Hudson signs with Pinecastle 

Posted on October 13, 2016 By John Lawless - BLUEGRASS TODAY

Brad Hudson, reso-guitarist with Sideline, has signed with Pinecastle Records for a new project which will feature both his vocal and instrumental prowess. 

Bluegrass fans will recall seeing Brad recently with Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road, touring as a part of their Country Grass shows. He says that when the Sideline opportunity popped up, he jumped at the chance to play some aggressive bluegrass with two of his musical heroes, Steve Dilling…

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