We’re excited to announce that Brad Hudson will be following his heart and pursuing a lifelong dream in the coming year. Bluegrass after all, is built on dreams and our love of music, our family and our Faith. All things that Brad is very strong in. 

With the current release of Brad’s solo project, “Next New Heartbreak” on Pinecastle Records, doing well and some down time to weigh options, Brad doesn’t take the decision to leave Sideline bluegrass band lightly. He has seen success with many musical formations and learned so much from all of them over the years. Most recently with SIDELINE, Brad has developed a strong respect and knowledge of true road life with a traveling bluegrass band. It takes a lot to make it all work and for this time in his career, Brad says he is forever grateful to his former band mates. 

“Sideline is a group of very talented, super fun musicians to play with and be around and the memories are something I can always take with me. I thank all of the guys for allowing me to be a part of the gang and wish them nothing but the best down the road!” 

Brad is looking forward to hitting the road in 2018 in full support of his solo project and promoting a sound that he says has always “lived in my heart” but that he hasn’t had a platform to express. 

“I love this music so much. Traditional, gospel, contemporary, it’s all good as long as it is a reflection of what’s inside you and makes the audience feel something.” 

Working with and being mentored by many of his musical heroes has clearly helped shape Brad Hudson into one of the most superlative tenor vocalists, dobro and bass players of the current generation of bluegrass. This will certainly be a stage show to seek out in 2018. Promoters can contact Wilson Pickins Promotions to book Brad and you can keep up with him on social media and his website online.


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