The Brad Hudson Band is one of the hottest country bands around” - Local Reporter
WINNER Of Ole Red's Battle Of The Bands Sept. 2nd 2020

WINNER Of Ole Red's Battle Of The Bands Sept. 2nd 2020

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Meet Brad Hudson. If you haven't yet heard of him, "Next New Heartbreak," his first solo release, is a solid first impression. A North Carolina native, Hudson is no newcomer. He has worked alongside veteran musicians, such as Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road and the great Dolly Parton, while currently a member of Sideline. As a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Hudson stands shoulder to shoulder with the best whether on guitar, bass or Dobro. "Next New Heartbreak" is a solid platform for Hudson to take command and showcase his many talents. 

Having self-produced, Hudson shaped a dynamic bluegrass experience. "Ramblers Song" and "Hugging The Hound," an instrumental, showcase hot picking and masterful instrumentation. Conversely, "Smoky Mountain Strong," a fantastic tune about the resilience of those affected by the Tennessee wildfires, as well as "My One and Only (Crystal's Song)" an instrumental tribute to his wife, show Hudson's heartfelt side. Even "Beulah Land" features a short sampling of Hudson singing with his Grandma Betty, to whom the album is dedicated. "Next New Heartbreak" is a work of passion. 

Many times, the key to a standout-recording project is having talented friends to help out and throw in their two cents, leaving "Next New Heartbreak" with pennies rolling around everywhere. Steve Dilling's banjo, Skip Cherryholmes' guitar, Ron Stewart's fiddle and even Parton's voice, gladly contributed pocket change to the cause. Having a hand in nearly every aspect in it's creation, whether in writing, singing or playing, "Next New Heartbreak" is clearly Hudson's own. 

With such natural talent and versatility, a strong musical background and willing friends, Hudson's recording is an enjoyable, and memorable solo debut.

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